Product Description

1. Product description

Chemical Name : 2-Aminoethylsulfonic acid

Molecular Formula :C2H7NSO3

Molecular Weight: 125.15

Cas No: 107-35-7

Code EINECS : 2921 19 80

Product : White crystalline powder

pH Value:between 4.1 and 5.6

2. Characteristics:

Identification: Positive

Clarity and color of the solution : Clear and colorless

Chloride:< 0.005%

Sulphate:< 0.010%

Ammonium Salt:<0.02%

Heavy metals:<5 ppm

Arsenic:< 1 ppm


Related substances: <0.20%

Easily carbonizable substances :No color develops

Loss on drying:<0.1% (105°C, 2 hours)

Residue on ignition:<0.1%

Assay (anhydrous ):not less than 99.0% and not more than 101.0% of C2H7NO3S

Total Plate count:< 50 cfu/g

Mold:<10 cfu/g

Yeast:<10 cfu/g


Salmonella:Negative/25 g

3. Standard of Quality:Complies with the standards of JP15 without anti-caking

4.Uses:Nutritional supplement or on medicine, or for feed

5.Packaging:25 Kg per carton or drum,Storage in cool, shaded, and dry place

6. Shelf Life:Three years

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