Sodium Sulphide Flakes

Sodium Sulphide Flakes
Product Description

Along with offering a wide range of well-developed and effective grade of Orthopedic devices and chemical compounds, here we are also providing Sodium Sulphide Flakes. From the name of the product itself, it is easier to say that compound contains flakes of sodium. Along with sodium, it does also have certain amount of iron content and water inso. Offered Sodium Sulphide Flakes are usually red in color. This product finds its applications in several industrial sectors, such as dyeing, mining, textile and tanning industry. In textile industry, these flakes are used for destroying nitration.  These are also being used to produce medical intermediates.


  • Na2S(%) Max -60.0
  • Iron Content 300ppm
  • Na2SO3(%) Min-1.0
  • Na2S2O3(%) Max-2.5
  • Na2CO3(%) Max-2.0
  • Water Inso(%) Max-0.4
  • Color Red
  • Tanning Industry: It is used for destroy the hair on hides or skins in the production processing.
  • Dyeing Industry: It is raw material of production sulfur black or as a reductant of sulfur dyestuff.
  • Textile Industry: It is used for destroy nitration.
  • Mining industry: It is used for sulphide ore flotation or nonferrous metals smelting waste water remove heavy metals .
  • Sodium sulfide also can be used in production of Medical Intermediate,
  • Electroplating Industry,Paper making Industry etc.
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