sodium sulphide flakes

sodium sulphide flakes
Product Description

1.Chemical Names:Anhydrous sodium sulfide

Molecular Formula:Na2S or HNa2S+

Molecular Weight: 79.048 g/mol

Structure:Na2S adopts the antifluorite structure, which means that the Na+ centers occupy sites of the fluoride in the CaF2 framework, and the larger S2− occupy the sites for Ca2+.



Industrially Na2S is produced by carbothermic reduction of sodium sulfate often using coal.In the laboratory, the salt can be prepared by reduction of sulfur with sodium in anhydrous ammonia,or by sodium in dry THF with a catalytic amount of naphthalene (forming sodium naphthalenide)



Na2S(%) Max -60.0

Iron Content 300ppm

Na2SO3(%) Min-1.0

Na2S2O3(%) Max-2.5

Na2CO3(%) Max-2.0

Water Inso(%) Max-0.4

Color Red



(1)Tanning Industry:It is used for destroy the hair on hides or skins in the production processing.

(2)Dyeing Industry:It is raw material of production sulfur black or as a reductant of sulfur dyestuff.

(3)Textile Industry:It is used for destroy nitration.

(4) Mining industry:It is used for sulphide ore flotation or nonferrous metals smelting waste water remove heavy metals .

(5)Sodium sulfide also can be used in production of Medical Intermediate,

Electroplating Industry,Paper making Industry etc.


5. Packing: 
25 kgs high-density polythene laminated bags with two thick inner liners.

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