Orthopedic Casting Tape

Orthopedic Casting Tape
Product Description
With the utilization of special grade of glass brazing or polyester fiber based cloth, which is impregnated with polyurethane, an effective grade of Orthopedic Casting Tape is formulated. Polyurethane is used in this case for its non-toxicity and good biocompatiblity, due to which no irritation and anaphylaxis is caused. Orthopedic Casting Tape is available in different set of specifications.


This casting tape is made up of materials which do not have any adverse effect on environment. This light weight product is of high strength, which also offers good air permeability and excellent x-ray radiolucency. It is easier to use this water resistant and easily moldable tape, which is clean, comfortable and quickly solidifies.

Scope Of Application: 

This works best to provide binding force to wound dressings or limbs

How to use:

  • The specifications must be chosen based on the condition.
  • Before unpacking it, wear the gloves.
  • On the fixed part, make use of the cast padding or stockinet.
  • Dip the cast in room temperature water for a few seconds and press two to three times.
  • Take the cast out and squeeze out the excess water.
  • Start wrapping the cast spirally while keeping the proper tension. Wrap two to four layers at non-weight-bearing position and four to six layers at weight-bearing position.
  • Shape it, if needed. In three to five minutes, it will start solidifying and 20 minutes later it will reach the enough strength.
  • It can be cut and removed using the electric cast saw.

Data sheet:

Specification(W*L) Packing
5.0cm*360cm 10bags*12boxes/carton
7.5cm*360cm 10bags*12boxes/carton
10.0cm*360cm 10bags*9boxes/carton
12.5cm*360cm 10bags*9boxes/carton
15.0cm*360cm 10bags*9boxes/carton

Note:  Polyurethane touching and adhering the operator's skin can be avoided by wearing gloves. Only at the time of use, the bag must be opened. Do not open multiple bags at a time, as it will weaken their strength when not used immediately. The cast solidifies in contact with moisture in the air, so make sure that the bags are properly sealed

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